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Sedation Dentistry in Lake Charles

Sedation dentistry is available at Renewed Family Dental. It’s never been easier to provide your Lake Charles family with gentle and safe dental care!

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Dental Procedures Don't Need to Be Scary!

One in every three people suffers from some extent of dental anxiety or phobia. Even if you’ve always enjoyed going to our dentist in Lake Charles, there may be occasions when you need assistance relaxing through a specific procedure. As in the case of a tooth extraction or oral surgery. Sedation dentistry in Lake Charles allows our patients to receive treatment in a relaxed, worry-free setting where their comfort is prioritized.

Why Choose Sedation Dentistry?

If you need a lengthy procedure or complex surgery, sedation dentistry is usually recommended. For example, if the treatment takes longer than a usual procedure, you may prefer to feel like you’re napping through the longer visit. We also recommend sedation if you want to unwind during routine dental work. Or if you’re a little (or very) nervous about having a specific procedure completed.

You have the option of requesting dental sedation at any time. We may be able to add a sedative at your appointment or plan for everything to be finished in a single visit, depending on the sort of sedative that is best for your needs.

We recommend that you request sedation if:

  • Multiple treatments are required
  • You have been avoiding treatment due to nervousness or anxiety
  • Oral surgery is required
  • Several teeth are being removed
  • You want to have the most relaxed experience possible
Sedation Dentistry in Lake Charles

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